Sim card related


Sim card related

I recently upgraded to an Iphone 4 from an htc inspire, i was wondering if the iphone 4 comes with a sim card or do i have to cut my orginial sim card to fit it. If so will it be harmful to my sim card?

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Re: Sim card related

If you buy an new AT&T locked iPhone, it comes with the micro-SIM. If you buy the unlocked one from Apple, I don't believe it comes with a SIM.
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Re: Sim card related

Even if you don't have one, AT&T will usually give you one.

For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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Re: Sim card related

I have a question.


I will receive a new Note III to replace my wife's phone, and I will give her mines, a Galaxy S4 Active. Can I swap SIM cards of the phones just to have my number and contacts on the new Note and her's on the S4 Active?



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Re: Sim card related

Both the Note 3 and S4 Active do accept the very same SIM Card, so swapping those shouldn't be an issue for you. If you have the MicroSD as well remember you can save much of your transferable information onto that then simply swap MicroSD's rather than SIM Cards.


I hope this is helpful to you.

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