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Sim Card swap


Sim Card swap

I have a question on go phone SIM cards. Are they interchangeable between phones where I can just plug it in and go or are they assigned to specific phones and have to be changed in the system to be able to work right The reason I ask is because of i get to the activation lock on my I Iphone5s and it is showing my user id and even though I put in my id and password and even have my SIM card in I still keep getting the failure to activate and taken back to the loggin screen and won't let me go any further. Is there something wrong with the activation service?
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Re: Sim Card swap

Good afternoon @Ashing!

This is a great question. Having the iPhone 5s stuck on Activation lock is concerning. If the phone can’t be taken out of this state it won’t be able to be used. I will gladly help with this today!

I show the SIM card type for this model of iPhone is a Nano 4FF sized card. This is the sized used on new model smartphones.

Regarding getting the device out of activation lock please look at the information on this Apple Support page. If this iPhone was purchased from another person, please get the prior owners help to get activation lock removed. The previous owner can follow these steps to remove Activation Lock:

  1. Sign in to iCloud.com with their Apple ID.
  2. Go to Find My iPhone.
  3. Click All Devices at the top of the screen.
  4. Select the device which you want to remove from iCloud.
  5. If necessary, click Erase [device].
  6. Click Remove from Account.
  7. After the previous owner removes the device from their account, turn off the device and then turn it back on to begin the setup process. For further assistance from Apple they can be reached at 800-634-7466.

I’m glad I could help provide this information! Thank you and have an awesome rest of your Friday.

Daniel, AT&T Community Specialist

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