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Sending messages from iPhone 7 to Samsung

Sending messages from iPhone 7 to Samsung


I just switched to AT&T and got an iPhone 7. I haven't been happy with the switch because I have NO service at my workplace. Also, when texting with my friend who has a Samsung, I'm unable to get any pictures from him, only a message that says, "one or more of the message components have been deleted by MMS adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components were unsuitable for your handset."


When I send text messages to him they come across as cryptic as though only a few letters came through and if I put emojis in my text they are completely wacky. This did NOT happen when I had an iPhone 6SE on the Verizon network and was texting and receiving pics from him on his same Samsung phone. What gives, AT&T? So far, it's been a VERY disappointing switch.

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Re: Sending messages from iPhone 7 to Samsung

Why do you assume the problem is ATT? Is this other person also on Verizon? If so, the problem could also be on their side. Most of the time, issues like this are because the port of your number wasn't complete. I'm not sure how to fix it, though, other than to call and ask for advanced technical support. As for coverage in your workplace, do you have access to wifi? If so, wifi calling should fix your coverage issues. By the way, there is iPhone 6, 6s and SE but no 6SE.

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Re: Sending messages from iPhone 7 to Samsung

He has Verizon. I assume the problem is with AT&T because the problems began instantly when my coverage switched over to them.

You're correct, I had an SE and switched to the iPhone7. My mistake.


I don't know what you mean by "the port of my number wasn't complete."

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Re: Sending messages from iPhone 7 to Samsung

I have been on wi-fi calling and it is useless. My phone does not ring even with wi-fi turned on but I'll suddenly have a voicemail. I'm missing important calls during a very important time in my life. I life in a large metropolitan area (Atlanta) and it's absolutely crazy that there's no coverage. I'm currently on the edge of interstates 75 and 285 where hundreds of thousands of people work and live and my phone says "no service" most of the day. I left Verizon because I thought their coverage area was sad but AT&T has them beat by a mile. I definitely never sat surrounded by hundreds of cars in a large metropolitan city, unable to use my phone. Even with wireless calling turned on I'm still unable to use my $600+ iPhone7 right now.


Switching to AT&T has been the worst decision I've made. And I can't even call and talk to customer service because my phone doesn't work. You've really got me by the nads, AT&T. Kudos to you!

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