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Refurbished iphones reviews?


Refurbished iphones reviews?

im thinking on upgrading to an iphone and i was looking into the refurbished ones to save some money. Who has a refurbished iphone? any inputs? any reviews? info will be appreciated

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Refurbished iphones reviews?

MR_SMiT wrote:

Alright. Then the iPhone 4 will eventually become the iPhone 4GS or something. Technology is continually growing. I got the 3GS because was watching my budget. Smiley Surprised

Yep, sometime this year, the new iPhone will be released. It will have the same guts as the iPad2 - a dual core cpu, and twice as much ram. Compared to that, the iPhone4 will be slower and less capable. It's the nature of the technology beast.


I just didn't want you to assume the 3Gs and 4 were interchangable. For example, the 3Gs cannot be used to do wifi internet sharing. It's lack of a front-facing camera makes facetime somewhat less useful as well.

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