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Pix & Flix freezes loading Flickr photos


Pix & Flix freezes loading Flickr photos

Pix & Flix locks up when I try to load Flickr pics, Everything works correctly until I press "My Flickr Photos". Then the wheel starts spinning and I can't stop it without shutting the phone off. I have an I-phone 4 and have used this App previously on this phone. The problem only started recently.

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Re: Pix & Flix freezes loading Flickr photos


Hello @wgaisser 


You can try reinstalling the app, and if that doesn't help, I recommend reporting it to developers, you can look it up in the App Store and there should be a button to provide feedback.




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Re: Pix & Flix freezes loading Flickr photos

Thanks Dmitriy! I tried reinstalling Pix & Flix and logging in and out of Flickr several times but still cannot link to my Flickr photos. Pix & Flix works perfectly with my Camera Roll, Facebook pics and Instagram account. Its only Flickr where I encounter a problem. I give permission for access to my account when requested and I then see "Flickr photos" listed but when I tap on it is when the wheel starts spinning and the app freezes. I then have to turn off the phone and restart it in order to open Pix & Flix again. I had used the app with Flickr on the same phone in the past with no problem so this is a recent development. Very frustrating.

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