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Overstock Fees Returns


Overstock Fees Returns

 New customer from Sprint. Is there a restock fee for AT&T if you return unopened iPhones? What is the goverment discount for the plans?

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Re: Overstock Fees Returns

Returned & unopened is no charge I believe. Opened is a $35 restocking fee. As for gov't discount I haven't the faintest idea. Best bet to see if your eligible is to go to the premier or buisness page or the main page and plug in your gov't email address a d that should help you somewhat.
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Re: Overstock Fees Returns

Governemnt/business discounts vary by agency/organization.  As stated put your agency/organizational email address in here and they will send you an email for the info.


You can also go to an Corporate Owned AT&T store with your agency/organization issued ID or pay stubs to have them set you up.

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