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Overheat since iOS6?


Overheat since iOS6?

Been noticing very hot back on 4S since update, anyone else (still have the OLD model)?


I had been listening to music last night in car, unplugged (not in charger) from radio as usual, but noticed after an hour on the table, it had not dimmed the screen (mine is set to after 1 min.).


Picked it up and was amazed at how hot it was!  iTunes was still open with the last song played, but paused.


Battery life has been horrible since the update. 


Can Apple test the battery to see if it's holding a charge?

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Re: Overheat since iOS6?

That's great u got a replacement!

My 4S has only only got stuck on 3G Safari browsing once,
Hence I use it in bed it gets hot then Lolz

The other night I left my phone charging for a longish time
And when I took it of it was stuck on 97% for ages hmm
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