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New iPhone has killed LTE network


New iPhone has killed LTE network

The iPhone has totally screwed AT&Ts LTE! It would usually take a few seconds to download an app under 5MB. It literally took me 48 seconds to download a 3.4MB app earlier tonight. I uninstalled it, got on my wifi and it downloaded in a second. Not only that but my Speedtest results show it too. I would average between 5-7Mbps down and around 2-3 up. Been running different tests most the day and I am lucky to hit 3Mbps down and 1 up. Most are around 2 down and under 1 up. What will be done about this? I am not paying $120 a month for this. 

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Re: New iPhone has killed LTE network

Apologize. Egg on ones face is always nice, especially if sunny side up.
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Re: New iPhone has killed LTE network

And how in the world would you come to the conclusion that your bad speeds were due to the iphone? That's a huge stretch!
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