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New iPhone X shutting off randomly


New iPhone X shutting off randomly

I received my iPhone X and as I was setting it up it turned itself off. The Apple logo flashes every 5 seconds like it is trying to reboot. I try to do a soft reset (Volume up, Volume down, Lock button) and that reboots it eventually. I have to do this several times for it to work. But inevitably it will shut down again at some point. This is a brand new phone. I have contacted ATT (where I got the phone), they referred me to Apple, and Apple told me I need to contact the insurance company. The insurance company is telling me to file a claim and want to charge me a $100 deductible. Did I mention this a brand new phone out of the box? I have completely wiped the phone and reloaded it from iTunes. It is still doing the same thing. Another ATT employee told me to take it to an Apple store (the nearest store is 2 1/2 hours one way) but they would probably give me a refurbished phone. Paying for a brand new phone, not being able to use it, and trading it in for a refurbished phone doesn’t sit to well with me. How do I resolve this issue??

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Re: New iPhone X shutting off randomly

It sounds like you got a bad phone, which is a warranty issue, and Apple handles all warranty issues, not AT&T.  Like they told you, you have to go to Apple to get the phone fixed or replaced.  Apple may or may not choose to give you a refurb as a warranty replacement, that’s their choice (and probably written in the warranty fine print), but given the iPhone X is so new, they may not have refurbished phones available, so they may give you a new one.


No other real options here.

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Re: New iPhone X shutting off randomly

Not an insurance issue, it’s a defective Phone.  It’s covered under warranty and there is no deductible.  

Insurance on a new phone has a $225 deductible.   Unless you damaged the phone and voided the warranty, this is not an insurance issue. 


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