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Need to unlock Verizon iPhone 5


Need to unlock Verizon iPhone 5

Received an iPhone 5 today and come to find out it's a verizon Iphone how do I go about unlocking it.. I currently have a iPhone 4 and am an existing att customer
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‎06-16-2016 6:17 AM

Re: Need to unlock Verizon iPhone 5

Here is the Verizon unlocking policy...


You need to contact Verizon...
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Re: Need to unlock Verizon iPhone 5

A VZ iPhone 5 was factory unlocked out of the box, due to a spectrum agreement between VZ and the FCC.  The major limitation is that it will connect up to AT&T's HSPA+ 4G network, but it doesn't support LTE on AT&T in the US.  It can connect to LTE networks outside the US, Canada and (I think) Mexico.

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