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Need my service back


Need my service back

So my mom called at&t and cancelled my phone service which she does a lot but I always can still use my phone because I can just connect it to wifi, but this time even wifi doesn't work and they don't understand that I want to actually enjoy life as a teen while I still can. Pls help me turn my service back on without having to call at&t. And if u say I have to go onto my moms phone and go the at&t app and reactivate it, guess what already tried and for some dumb*** reason it said it was activated. PLS FIX THIS!!! I got a Iphone 7 btw.

sincerely a child in distress 

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‎08-08-2019 4:11 AM

Re: Need my service back

If the account is in your mother’s name, then she is the only one who can turn the service back on.  Either make up with her, or get your own phone account.

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Re: Need my service back

d*mn, ok

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