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Migrate voicemail?


Migrate voicemail?

I currently have an iPhone 4 and am in the process of migrating to an iPhone 5. Is there a way to migrate the voicemails as well? My husband already migrated to his iPhone 5 and said all his voicemails were lost. 

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

If you back up the 4 in iTunes and restore to the 5, your voicemails should come across.

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

thanks... can anyone else verify this? my husband did the standard backup and restore via itunes, going from an iphone 4 on ios 6 to iphone 5, and he lost all his voicemails.  

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

Has he reconnected with ATTs Visual voicemail (ie is the voicemail screen working)?  If you call him and he doesn't asnwer can you leave a new message and it shows up normally?


All his voicemails if they were not deleted should have been on the ATT voicemail system still.  They stay there until you delete the message.  There should have been nothing to backup.  Whenever I restore my iPhone, I never use a backup and I always set up as a new phone, I never loose any of my voicemails.


Once I initally use the voicemail feature there is nothing on the screen and it will dial ATTs voicemail system where you can listen to your voicemails.  After that you hang up, you should get a prompt to enter your voicemail PIN number (if your ina good data area), and once that is done the voicemail screen will re-populate with all the voicemails in the ATT system.



The only way they wouldn't be there is if they were deleted by the user, or if the voicemail box was reset (intentional or unintentional).

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

Thank you all for your help and responses. Yes, he has used his visual voicemail since migrating and has been able to receive voicemails. We just tried again and left a message from my phone to his, and while he received that voicemail successfully, none of his old voicemails reappeared. 


i guess i'll just try doing a backup recording of the messages i want to save and then try the migration and keep my fingers crossed that my voicemails migrate over successfully like yours did. 


thanks again!

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

In case anybody out there is wondering, this is what happened when I migrated from the iphone 4 to iphone 5. Some voicemails were migrated; HOWEVER, it seems that only the voicemails I received in the last 30 days (I'm guessing - the earliest voicemail that was migrated was 9/10/12)  were migrated. The process I used was:


1. Back up iphone 4 to local computer

2. Restore iphone 5 from iphone 4 backup

3. After restore was complete, check voicemail

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

Must be something with the iPhone 5. I had my 4s replaced a few weeks ago, and I have voicemails going back to the end of March.

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

A year later, same issue. iphone 4 to iphone 5s, only last 30 days more or less, is there a solution?

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Re: Migrate voicemail?

Just found answer, on the ATT setup page for Visual Voicemail is says you lose older than 30 days when you change to a new iphone with a new SIM.
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Re: Migrate voicemail?

The "Community Accepted Answer" written by Max69 states that "If you back up the 4 in iTunes and restore to the 5, your voicemails should come across."


This is not true, and should not be the Answer.



If you backup an iPhone 4 to iTunes, and then upgrade to an iPhone 5, and then restore to the 5, your old voicemails will NOT be there. The voicemails are not stored on the server past 30 days.  They are kept on the phone itself, and are backed up onto iTunes.


The problem is that when you upgrade to an iPhone 5, you get a new SIM card.  Then when you restore your 5 from iTunes, the visual voicemails do not show up on your phone because THE SIM CARD HAS CHANGED. 


This is the crux of the matter.


If you take your old SIM card, and put it in your old phone, and restore it from iTunes, you have a good chance of getting your old visual voicemails back. 


However, I don't know how to get your old VM back onto your new iPhone 5, unless of course you put your old SIM in your new iPhone.


This really is a big problem, and it should be solved by AT&T, not Apple. 

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