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Does anyone know the best app for tracking an iphone?  Say if a family member took off with it, but wont answer calls??

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‎02-26-2019 12:18 PM

Re: Iphones

Hello Chinton12,

Thank you for using the forums for your question. Downloading an app to track and find your lost, stolen or unauthorized use of your iPhone can become a great assistant to the built-in “find my iPhone” software that Apple has already installed. You should be able to find your lost device with any device as long as you have an Apple ID that’s associated with your device and logged into iCloud. Use this link to launch and open the preinstalled “find my phone” on another device or log into the app using another iPhone. 


However, if you want to download an app for additional security follow this link to get an idea of additional assistance. You can also find like apps in the App Store on Apple.com

Hoping this helps. 





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Re: Iphones

Thank ya very much for the information. I appreciate it!
Have a great weekend!!
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