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Iphone 4 from eBay?


Iphone 4 from eBay?

I have the HTC Inspire and a 2 GB data plan. I can't upgrade until November so I just want to buy an used iPhone 4 on ebay. My mom is the one in charge of the service but I am with my dad for the summer so could I just have my sim card put into the iPhone wthout having to change the plan at all?

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Re: Iphone 4 from eBay?

krayjee wrote:
I have a 4S I'll be selling once I get my SGS3 tomorrow Smiley Tongue otherwise to eBay it goes haha good luck!

make sure to tell the buyer it will not be eligible for unlock

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Re: Iphone 4 from eBay?

Smart man!!!!! GS3 is the way to go!!!
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Re: Iphone 4 from eBay?

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