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IPhone X and Prepaid plans


IPhone X and Prepaid plans

Can you use one of your prepaid plans on the new iphone x?  I am interested in doing the $40/mo. plan and want to make sure that can be used on the iphone x.

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Re: Iphone x and Prepaid plans

The apple store close to where i live just happens to run out of stock everyday, so I was left with no choice besides ordering online. 

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Re: Iphone x and Prepaid plans


“....If you are able to get the iphone X in store with a NEW number and a POSTPAID plan, do not activate it, and immediately go to an AT&T store and ask the representatives to transfer your current plan (prepaid) onto the new iPhone X. 2)If you can not or do not want to wait in line for an iphone X, order online on AT&T. Again, order the phone as a new device and with a Postpaid plan (it could be any of the plan since you do not have to pay for it yet, and it would not matter anyways). And when you get the device, do not activate it and go to the AT&T store to get the people to help you....”

   You cannot just open a postpaid plan with a phone, and not pay for a postpaid plan.  

There’s a credit check involved.  I can guarantee this will get the phone blocked for fraud.


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Re: Iphone x and Prepaid plans

You can get it with a prepaid plan but if you get it full price.

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Re: Iphone x and Prepaid plans

I understand what you are saying about any compatible phone will work with AT&Ts new prepaid plan, but apple’s website says in fine print “cannot be used on prepaid plans.” I’m trying to figure out if I buy my phone through apples monthly plan will I be able to use it on AT&T’s prepaid plan?

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Re: Iphone x and Prepaid plans


According to what I have read regarding Apple’s monthly payment plan, for any of their phones, states: “Service: Eligible postpaid service (voice & data) is required & extra. If service is cancelled, remaining installment agreement balance is due.“


The only company that I know of that allows monthly payments on a prepaid service is Boost.  That’s only AFTER making at least 12 consecutive payments on time for their service.  


I hope this helps.

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