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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

My new iPhone 7 Plus drops 4-5 calls a day. My iPhone 6 Plus rarely dropped a call. What is the problem? Is there a fix?

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‎02-23-2017 7:19 AM

Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

Basic questions but are you running the latest iOS - 10.2.1? Have you tried resetting network settings? Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.


How long has this been going on? Did you just get the phone? There's a chance you could also need a new SIM card.

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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

Thanks for the suggestions - 1) yes I have the latest software update, 2) I
just reset my network settings and 3) I will stop by the AT&T or Apple
store and check out the SIM card.

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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

The AT&T store can also run a few tests on the phone as well in addition to possibly replacing the SIM card. Hopefully it's a simple fix - definitely know how frustrating it is to drop calls!

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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls -- thanks

Yes - I am running 10.2.1. I just reset my network settings. The phone is about 1 month old and the dropped calls started about 10 days - 2 weeks ago.

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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

Many thanks. 👍
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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

No thanks needed - just hoping to help resolve the issue... I had the same frustrating issues in the past but it was due to an iOS issue with the iPhone 7/7 Plus that Apple resolved with a software fix shortly after their release. Hoping your phone is working better now! 

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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

Mine also drops random calls. New SIM card, new phone, hours at AT&T and Apple "genius" bar. Apple phone support. Still drops calls. My guess is software just sucks.
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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

This is an issue that Apple refuses to fess up to, but this may be of some reference for you. I'm currently working with a level 2 tech and my case has since been moved to engineering. There are 4 different models of iPhone7 & 7 Plus (2 of each), 2 are using an intel antenna

(A1778, A1784) and 2 are using the Qualcomm antenna (A1660, A1661). Both me and my spouse both have the Intel we've since been through every troubleshooting method and are awaiting an answer from engineering. We've swapped out one phone (problem is Apple will only swap out for the exact same model), hence, no resolution. I still receive poor signal strength, dropped calls, calls that fade in and out. You need to work diligently with Apple to enforce your case. I even swapped SIM cards out with ATT with no resolution, however I popped that SIM into my old phone and instantly receive better signal strength..... This isn't a coincidence. Here are a few more articles that might be a little more helpful. Unfortunately the site that reviewed and discovered this indifference has since been removed, so hopefully these will be of assistance.





Good Luck

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Re: IPhone 7 Plus dropped calls

Thank you for responding to this issue with the links to explain that this is a known problem with the Intel modem in the ATT models of iPhone 7 and 7plus. I wish I had read this before I bought my new iPhone 7plus last week. There was nothing wrong with my 6s, I just wanted a bigger screen. But now, people I call cannot hear me in low signal areas where my 6 works just fine. (I tested them side by side.) I have spent the entire day on the phone with both ATT and in person at the Apple store. Neither will admit there is a problem. Odd however, how the Apple employees all have their personal phones on the Verizon network, not ATT or Tmobile.  I would love to hear what final response you get from Apple engineering, but I am not waiting; I am returning my phone tomorrow because I need a reliable phone.

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