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I cannot receive calls from landlines


I cannot receive calls from landlines

Since activating my iPhone in July, I've been unable to receive calls from landlines within my area code. This includes my inlaws, several businesses, and my own office. From a residential phone, it says that my phone has been disconnected or no longer in service. From my office, it says that I don't need to dial a "1" first (which I don't). Calls from other area codes (in the same state) appear to go through fine. Of course, I have no idea how many calls I've missed. I have no problems making calls to these or other numbers, and incoming wireless calls seem to work fine. Texts and data also work fine.

I've been to 2 AT&T stores locally, and I have a case number with technical support from Aug 19. When I checked this week, I was told that there's "no update."

I own an iPhone 4, purchased in 2010 from Vodafone Italia (where I was living at the time).

Any ideas?

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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines



iPhone4 uses the microSIM, so if you're planning on trying out your sim in another at&t phone you may need an adapter for the microSIM if the other phone doesn't use microSIM.


When you activated the number on this iphone, was it a brand new number, or was the number ported over from another service provider?


You can look at this page (scroll down to "Portability schemes")




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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

My current number was assigned by AT&T when I signed up online in June.


I've been troubleshooting my problem with central tech support and with the help of a local store.  It looks like my number is not in the Century Link directory, so all calls from those phones won't go through to mine (which sounds like someone mentioned earlier).


I contacted Century Link, but they have no mechanism in place for answering my question.


So, this weekend I'll head back to the AT&T store and change my number.


Thanks for all your help.

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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

Hope you get all your calls with this new number. Smiley Happy


Sent from my iPhone

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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

I know this question has long since been answered but I wanted to add some insider info to help anyone that may be experiencing this. I worked for a local telecommunications company for many years and switch provisioning was part of my job at one time. I dealt with LNP issues from the very first moment number portability was created and rolled out. Anytime you have an issue where you are getting a recording from local callers and you have A) moved to an area that has a different area or prefix code b) moved your service from one provider to another c) gotten a new phone number and it looks like a prefix you aren't familiar with you should call your provider and request they check the switch to make sure the LNP indicators have been properly assigned. There is a process that is largely automated when you do any of these above listed things but as with all processes sometimes things get kinked up and not followed through. There may be an error that has stopped the porting process. If you request these steps usually it will resolve these issues. If you get a representative that has no idea what you are talking about either hang up and try again or ask for their lead or supervisor. If they have no idea then ask to be transferred to any technical department they have. These issues can be cleared up alot of times in the matter of minutes unless it is a permissions problem from the previous company that owned the phone number. Almost (not always) everytime it will be this type of issue rather than a serious thing you would have to change your phone number over. The only time you should have to change a number is if the previous company refuses to port that number to the new company. The number is not the problem the programming of the number in the switch is the issue and most times can be easily rectified with a

Knowledgeable rep. I had this problem several times a day when dealing with customers. I think the above author did a wonderful job explaining especially for just being a customer Smiley Happy

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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines


Great insight. Thanks. I've been dealing with this since I recently changed providers and bought my cell phone service from A.T.& T.


When I tested my new A.T.&T. cell, by calling from a Comcast landline at my mom's, there was no connection. Instead I repeatedly received the message:


"You have reached a number that is no longer in service. Please check the number and try again."


This was particularly disconcerting as it is HIGHLY unlikely for the number to have ever been previously assigned (and thus, now "no longer in service"). As the area code assigned to my phone has only come into being recently, the likihood of the particular combination of digits comprising "my" number having been used before is slim to none.


I've been to the A.T.& T. store that sold me the service to no avail.


I talked to A.T.& T. phone help


I talked to Comcast tech support who say that they have seen this before and it is a routing issue on A.T. & T.'s "end of the line".


I again spoke with A.T. & T. phone support and explained what I'd been told by Comcast. No joy, this time, either.


I spoke with A.T.& T. phone support a third time (about another matter) and , before we ended the call I mentioned the previous unsolved problem and was routed to tech support.


FINALLY, I was "bumped up" to a higher level tech who dug deeper into the problem but still found no probable cause. But, he did agree that A.T.&T.'s techs should contact Comcast techs.


At least this last time,  a work order was written up, I was given a case number and a date by which A.T.&T. would contact me with their findings.


It wouldn't be so bad if I KNEW the problem was limited to the one Comcast phone trying to contact my A.T.& T. cell. But I don't know that to be the case.


It could be that A.T.& T isn' "playing well" with one paticular phone. Worse,  ALL Comcast landlines might be getting the same message. Worse yet, possible contacts from ANY land line

might hear:


"You have reached a number that is no longer in service. Please check the number and try again."


The saying goes that  you only get one chance to make a good first impression. In this case, I think that "ship" has already "sailed".








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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

I am not able to receive calls from landlines on my att wireless cell phone I am concluding that this is primarily due to the fact that most people in this area are too lazy to dial local calls using the area code or 10 digits .. if they are dialing 7 digits it will not connect the call.. i am going to ask one store and prove to them it is not my phone service rather the lack of knowledge that most states and most area codes require 1+ 10 digit dialing at this point in time.. why is it so hard to dial 3 more digits to complete the call? I know a couple of years ago  I had an issue with it but after dialing a few numbers and getting can not connect  please check the number and try again. I find it easier to just dial all the ten digits.. I guess those who do need to get on the band wagon and promote the rest of the country to get with the program and start dialing the full phone number and program your cell phones to include your area codes even for those local numbers it will spare you the aggrevation of updating all your contacts when it becomes mandatory in the next few years as it will most definitely happen more people less vacant numbers available 


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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

At first, in my situation, there was a lot of finger pointing going on with A.T.&T claiming it was a Comcast problem while Comcast was claiming it was an A.T.&T. issue.


I ended up sending an identical letter to the presidents of each company stating I wasn't going to assign blame for the problem (as representatives from both company's were already doing a fine job of that). I didn't really CARE whose fault it was. All I wanted was for my phone service to work from all numbers who tried to reach me,


At that point, someone (at one or both companies)  "lit a fire" under tech support and the situation took only a few more days before it was resolved.


As I had initially suspected, it was a routing error.


When all the viable seven digit numbers in my home area code had been spoken for (and as there was trouble porting " my previous cell number" to my new A.T.&T. phone) I was assigned a number using the new area code. Comcast, evidently, hadn't yet programmed that "new" area code into their system and it took a back and forth between A.T.&T and Comcast in order to sort out the problem.


I have to give A.T.&T. a lot of credit . Once the troubleshooting process was put onto effect, I was callled regulary and given progress updates until the issue was resolved.

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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

That is good to know I am currently finding out it is not the ten digit
issue going on but I will prove that out by having my mother call every
night from her house phone until I am satisfied that I am getting calls
from people who dial properly.

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Re: I cannot receive calls from landlines

That's what I did (called myself from mom's landline). It was pretty easy for me to do that, though, because I was visiting her at the time and could place my cell phone on her kitchen countertop amd call it from her landline which was a couple of feet away ! 


At first, I thought it was only my mom's landline that couldn't reach my cell number. But, when I visited my aunt, who also had Comcast, I tried phoning myself and got the same "this number is no longer in service" mesage.  


Have you called A.T.&T customer support (or even gone down to a local A.T.&T. store) and asked them to try and call you back? If they can get through, it's not solely an A.T.&T. issue.


At that point, if you still can't get calls from your mom's, I think it would be time to contact her provider's customer service and have them try to call you. If they can get through I'd start looking at your mom's phone  


I don't work for A.T.&T, I'm just a customer like yourself, but since you are having a problem very similar to the one I had last year, my curiosity is piqued. When it finally gets "sorted out", post here and let me know what the problem turns out to have been.. 



Good luck.

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