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What must I do??

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How to unlock a new AT&T Iphone



How can I get my iPhone unlocked?


How long does this process take?


What are the requirements?


These and other related questions will be answered in this thread. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them here and the Community will be happy to help!


Thank you,


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Re: Unlock paid off ATT phone

Call them and verify there is no outstanding account balance and provide proof it was paid off.  

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What must I do??

Hello there, I’m living overseas, I bought an ATT iPhone XS Max from a seller on Offerup, he told me the cell was factory unlocked. When I get it, I realized it wasn’t. I contacted the seller, he never answered. I tried to get it factory unlocked by a third party, they say the cell is still in contract and has been blocked by ATT. What should I do in this situation? How can ATT help me???

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Re: Unlock device

You're security passcode is the same. Passcode. Is the same as the one that
you would use to unlock you're phone? Example a 4 number code.
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Re: What must I do??

If the phone still has money owed on it, AT&T won’t unlock it.  You can check the status yourself here, but if the phone doesn’t meet eligibility requirements, it won’t be unlocked.



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unlocking iphone x

Hello ,

I have bought an iphone x that is locked on At&t carrier And i’m not an at&t customer,

and i’m in algeria I have tried the unlock portal,

After submitting the imei and confirming my email i have received an email saying that the imei is not correct Even though its.

i have bought this phone from a third person that is not an at&t customer also,

so what are the solutions please ?

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Device unlock

I spent time in St. Petersburg and bought an unlocked iPhone 7, on this device I used the AT&T chip. Now I'm back to Brazil and my device does not accept the chip from here. I requested assistance from Apple and they asked me to contact you to unlock the device, this service can only be done by you. can you help me?

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Re: Device unlock

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Unlock Confirmation link expired after 5 minutes

I am trying to unlock my Iphone 8 Plus. I submitted the request. Got the confirmation email 5 minutes later.  When I clicked on the confirm link to confirm my request the following text appears:

Hmm ... That confirmation link was only good for 24 hours.
Didn't confirm your unlock request in time? Be sure to submit a new request.
Already confirmed your unlock request? Check the status
But its only been 5 minutes.  I need to get my phone unlocked 

Here is my request information:

Request number: NUL964671384423

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Re: Can't unlock my iPhone

Hi @l987336,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Have you previously submitted a request for the iPhone to be unlocked? If so, you can check the status of the request for more information.


Hope this helps!


Chasidy, AT&T Community Specialist

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My prior ATT Iphone IMEI will not unlock online and parents need phone in Thailand.

Please help.


My prior ATT Iphone IMEI will not unlock online and parents need phone unlocked and are out of the country.


This is my prior Iphone 6s which was purchased and used by ATT until my last ugrade.





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