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How to enable wifi calling on iOS phone


How to enable wifi calling on iOS phone

Since updating to 11.4.1 I noticed that WiFi calling is no longer working. Tried all the options I have found. Turned on airplane mode and that doesn’t kick it over to WiFi calling. Also rebooted phone which also did nothing. Wondering if anyone else having the same issue. 

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‎07-25-2018 8:47 AM

Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

Hello @Burnicorn.

We can defentiatly help enable your Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi calling is turned off by default. To use Wi-Fi Calling you'll need a Wi-Fi Internet connection and a postpaid AT&T wireless account provisioned with HD Voice.

  1. To turn Wi-Fi calling on, from the home screen select the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to and select Cellular or Phone.
  3. Select Wi-Fi Calling.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone switch.
  5. Select Enable.
  6. Scroll to and select Continue.
  7. Enter your Emergency 911 Address, then select Verify address.
  8. If the address is correct, select Use this address. If the address is not correct, select Enter a different address and try again.
  9. When your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling is on, and a cellular connection is unavailable or poor, you'll see Wi-Fi after AT&T in the status bar to indicate that calls will be carried over Wi-Fi.
  10. Making a call is the same whether on cellular or Wi-Fi. From the home screen, select the Phone app. Dial the desired number, then select the Call icon.

You can always sign in to your account for personalized Wi-Fi Calling troubleshooting using the AT&T Troubleshoot & Resolve tool. This tool will allow us to automatically run tests to resolve your issue.

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

I have tried this and many other things found online but I am still having the problem of no wifi calling on my iphone 7 and every other iphone we have.  I have erased network settings and reinstalled, turned phone off and back on numerous times, hard booted phone, rebooted router, updated router firmware, called my isp and ensured the problem was not on there end, spent several hours on the phone with at&t support and still have no wifi calling on our iphones.  When I turn the phone to airplane mode all is see is the airplane and the wifi signal strength.  Try and make a call and it says to connect to a wifi network or disable airplane mode.  I have a strong wifi signal that works for every other purpose.  I do not receive cell signal in my house so turning airplane mode off just gets me a "no service" warning in the upper left corner.  I am at a loss on what to do next.  Is there anything else I could try?  I am without a phone in the house until this works again!


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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

Having the same issue. WiFi calling is on, tried all the possible suggestions I found on internet including resetting the router, resetting iPhone X network setting and resetting to factor setting. This brand new phone is useless since signal in the house is poor and I can rely on WiFi to make phone calls. Spoke for one hour to at&t customer service and they were unable to fix the problem, escalated to advanced tech support but customer service said it may take up to 10 (ten) days to get a response!

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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

Having the exact same issues, just started last week after working fine for several months using the airplane mode workaround.  Tried all troubleshooting methods, spent over an our at the AT&T store, worked with Spectrum and no one can seem to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

I'm having the same issue and none of these helped. Pretty frustrated that for the last few days the wi-fi calling is not working at all. Please advise.



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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

I have spoken to AT&T support and they have confirmed that it’s a known issue and have been getting a lot of reports from different areas about the problem.  I have an open incident that is linked to the master incident.  We’ll see how long it takes them to figure out the problem and resolve it.  I live in an area with no AT&T coverage and rely on WiFi calling 100%.  I’m on-call 24/7 and need this fixed.

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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

I am having this same issue as of recently, fortunately we have a Micro Cell. IS there a resolution to fix the WIFI calling feature? 

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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

I am also having the same issue - iPhone 6S.  I was told I needed to replace my SIM card, which I went to the AT&T store to do this weekend.  Still not working.  This just started happening for me on Friday, woke up Saturday morning and Wi-Fi calling was back, then stopped working an hour later and hasn't worked since.  This is NOT an issue on my side AT&T, this is on you.  Very frustrating and makes me wonder if Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon is in my near future cause this is a deal breaker for me and my family.  This should NOT be marked as 'Solved', it's not solved.

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Re: iOS 11.4.1 WiFi Calling not working

Having same issues as well since last night when I got home. Rely on WiFi calling for all calls at home. Issue is definitely not solved. 

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