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How can i buy new iphone 5s from att ?


How can i buy new iphone 5s from att ?

I am new to USA.just 10 ago i came in USA.I DON'T HAVE CREDIT CARD,i have an icici bank debit can i buy iphone 5s for $199 from att on contract?
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Re: How can i buy new iphone 5s from att ?

Hello Shankar,

You will not be able to buy the iPhone 5S for $199. In order to sign a contract, since you have no credit history, you will need to make a deposit of up to $500. Otherwise you'll have to buy the device outright, and avoid contract (and contract pricing), by paying full retail price $650. (At which point, you could buy an unlocked version at the Apple Store, and avoid the hassle of trying to unlock the phone in the future.)
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