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How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?


How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?

I'm  on business in China。I‘ve used a China-unicom usm card in the iphone4,but it cannot work。

how can I use chinese phone number in China?

Also when I back In USA, My AT&T number can be used as before?

can anybody help me ? thanks a lot!

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Re: How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?

You cannot use a different country's SIM card in an AT&T iPhone 4.  All iPhones sold by AT&T are locked to the AT&T network.  Any methods to get around those locks cannot be discussed here.  You will either have to enable international roaming and buy an international roaming plan, or you will have to use a different phone.

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Re: How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?

Seems to me he was just recounting his specific experience. I didn't see it as advocating something for others.
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Re: er Re: How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?


BrianfromNO wrote:

There's a fine line between recounting your experiences and advocating that others do something which not only risks invalidating their warranty but also runs counter to the guidelines of this forum.  


Can you show me where I advoacted that someone do something that would violate their warranty?


I'm at a loss as to how you can read that I suggested someone do what I did..


Oh well..



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Re: er Re: How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?

Save it for someone who doesn't see through your transparent attempt to skirt the forum's guidelines.  We can't talk about jailbreaking and unlocking in here, given that this is an AT&T-sponsored forum.  Users who jailbreak their phones run the risk of invalidating their manufacturer warranty.  Stating that you were able to swap your jailbroken and unlocked phone out for a warranty replacement is not helpful or relevant to the discussion at hand, even if it is true.

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Re: er Re: How can I use AT&T iphone4 in China?

sykevin wrote:

ok,roger that

Thank you for taking the time to post your inquiry. I see that the members have provided you with some useful information. As they have stated, AT&T and Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that makes unauthorized modifications to the iPhone's OS. In addition, unauthorized modifications to the iPhone's OS is a violation of Apple's iPhone End-User License Agreement. At it's discretion, Apple may deny warranty service for an iPhone that has installed any unauthorized software.


This thread will now be closed; please feel free to open a new thread should further assistance be needed. Thank you.

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multiple
in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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