Grandfathered account


Grandfathered account

I have a problem i have 23 months off contract with att, with the iphone 3g and the 30 dollar data, after 1 year passed my iphone stoped working and i had to call att so that they pospone or cancel that data plan till i have a new phone atleast thats was what i tell them, i now whant to upgrade my phone to a white iphone 4g would i still be able to use the 30 dollar data plan ?

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Re: Grandfathered account

Do you currently have the smartphone unlimited plan on  whatever phone you are using?  If you currently don't have an unlimited smartphone, it won't grandfather.  Having had an iPhone with an unlimited plan sometime in the past doesn't count.

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Re: Grandfathered account

but the thing is that it was in the contract, if i put it now in the phone that i have an then get the upgrade do you think that it can be done.

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Re: Grandfathered account

What contract?  You said you are 23 months off contract.  I guess I'm having trouble understanding your situation.  Do you currently have an account and are you currently using a phone with AT&T?  If so, what phone is it and what data plan do you have now?

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Re: Grandfathered account


zurdo wrote:

but the thing is that it was in the contract, if i put it now in the phone that i have an then get the upgrade do you think that it can be done.

The contract is for your voice service, the data add-on is only grandfathered if you have kept it current. If you cancelled the data, it's likely gone. I'd go ahead and *ask* a human being (call in!) because you just never know.


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Re: Grandfathered account

Once you cancel or change the unlimited plan to a limited plan, you can never get your unlimited back. I lost my iPad unoited data plan when my credit card changed and I didn't update my new card info for the monthly renewal. It was cancelled and then I only had the option of 2GB or 250MB. So far my 3GS has maintained unlimited data.
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Re: Grandfathered account

I also have a grandfathered account, I didn't upgrade via AT&T and didn't sign up for a new contract. My account has remained this way for since I got my iPhone3gs 32gb.


Now they are telling me that they are going to force me out of my grandfathered status and charge me an additional 35$ for my data per phone. Highway Robbery


The reps on the phone and in the store <Edited for content.  Please, keep it courteous!> say the iPhone or Smartphone data plan is REQUIRED FOR THE PHONE TO OPERATE  , i do not have an iPhone or Smartphone data plan on my iphone and i have never had a problem since the 3gs came out.


Why do you continue to rob us blind when you are rich enough and big enough.


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Re: Grandfathered account

Who's too rich? Why do you get to decide who has enough money? Aside from that ridiculous comment, the fact is that in order to use a smartphone on AT&T you must have a qualifying data plan. That is required, and they are correct. Read your contract. And if you don't have a data plan and somehow you're getting unlimited data, you'll probably be audited soon anyway and it sounds like they've already red flagged you.

It's called paying for what you use...not a new concept. And if you dint like it, you don't have the obligation to use it, but you don't have the option to just take it without compensating the company for it.
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Re: Grandfathered account

Im not in contract haven't been for a long time, why would they let me keep my 10$ data plan on my iphone for 3 years then take it away ive been on the phone with at&t a lot over the 3 years adding and removing other features they never once told me I had to change it and now they arbitrarily decide to charge me more for it. Its what they originally sold me and what ive always had.


I pay my bill and and I sure don't use 45$ a month worth of data, I pay 45 dollars a month for my home internet. if i have to pay that much for a data plan i would rather not have one but its "required" or your phone wont work? i think not.


my daughters phone had data opted out pre-iphone and post-iphone, her iphone works perfectly fine without a data plan, only difference between then and now is they wont opt you out at your request anymore.


Just a money grubbin company looking for more ways into your pocket.


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Re: Grandfathered account

ScreenShots, I have been locked out of my account access on the site, but my app can still see it, and when I call in regarding my account access I am immediatly routed to a person to switch my plan. its amazing how much effort AT&T puts into trying to un-give what was given to begin with.

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Re: Grandfathered account

You are not required to have the $45 Data Pro 4GB + Tethering plan. 

You are required to have a data plan.


Your options are:

DataPlus 200mb @ $15/month

DataPro 2GB @ $25/month

DataPro 4GB+Tethering @ $45/month.

The iPhone has always required a data plan (to the best of my knowledge).

Since September 2009, all smartphones on AT&T have required a data plan.

The medianet plans have never been authorized for use with an iPhone.

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Re: Grandfathered account

In impalers post: "Once you cancel or change the unlimited plan to a limited plan, you can never get your unlimited back."


I am not changing or canceling my plan.

I started my account in 2005(Cingular), in 2007(Cingular Becomes AT&T) my contract was up and I have been on a month to month ever since.


When the iPhone 3GS 32Gig came out, I got one, put my sim card in it and have been using it ever since without making a change to my data or minutes, I have added/removed other packages over the years without issue, the service has actually been really good.


It is still a gradfathered account which reps confirm with me over the phone while they tell me the benefits of moving into a non-grandfathered account and trying to get me to agree to moving into a non-grandfathered account.

I will never agree, and I think the terms I originally signup with stand, hence they need to gain agreement from me to change the account to non-grandfathered current.


Now they continually send me letters with offers and coupons, or threaten me with an automatic account conversion, (has not happened yet), every time I receive one i call and tell them I do not want to make any changes to my account and they dont.


How many times do i need to say: "I do not want to make any change to my account" It is very frustrating to receive an offer or notification by mail, text or email and having to respond as soon as I get it. The time frames they give me to respond have been getting shorter and shorter.


This ends my rant.


Thanks for the responses... you all sound like AT&T Employees.


Family Plan 1400 min

Family unlimited text

Family Unlimited(truly unlimited) Data 10$ each (2 Lines) 2 iPhone 3GS

Data Opt Out (2 Lines) 2 iPhone 3GS


if i were to agree to the change it would add 180$ a month to my bill on the high end on the low end 40$(limited to 200M per phone, and still increase my bill) .... really?! you expect me to agree to that?

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Re: Grandfathered account

It honestly sounds like you never had the correct data plan for the iPhone.

In EVERY contract, AT&T has the right to move you to an appropriate data plan for your device.

If you are using the iPhone with a data plan that is not approved for it, AT&T is well within their rights to move you to an appropriate data plan.  Since you signed the contract and continue to use the service, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions which give them that right.


If you don't like it, find another carrier that offers terms and conditions that you can live with.

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Re: Grandfathered account

I never signed any contract after cingular became at&t, like I said ive been on month to month since 2007.

My original contract was up before cingular became at&t.


What AT&T said in 2007 was my cingular account will remain in tact, until I decide to change it. these are the terms and conditions AT&T and I were forced to agree to when cingular became AT&T. they are just using very agressive tactics to get me to "agree" to switch over to an AT&T account.


I never bought the iPhone from AT&T so i never renewed a contract, i just switched phones. I bought them 3rd party and stuck my sim cards in them.


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Re: Grandfathered account

its nit in the contract its in the terms of conditions for at&t. and also at&t didn't buy Cingular it's the other way around, Cingular just took the at&t name. the iPhone since day one required a data plan even before they made all smartphones have one.
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