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Government Alerts on ATT iphones?


Government Alerts on ATT iphones?

A friend of mine just got an iphone on another network.  We were standing in the office and all of a sudden his phone started making a noise neither of us had ever heard from our phones. 


Turns out he had a Government Alerts section under his Notifications page.  It includes emergency alerts and Amber alerts.


When will ATT support this?

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Re: Government Alerts on ATT iphones?

I, too; REALLY want WEAs on my iPhone 4.

I received a carrier update which installed the alerts on my phone a couple days ago, but then I received another update which removed the feature. I recently called AT&T to ask why they removed the alerts, and I asked if they could re-install them. They said that the updates were pushed through Apple. The first update "caused problems" for iPhone 4 users, so they released the second update to remove the Government Alerts from iPhone 4 phones.

They said the only iPhones which presently have the alert capabilities are the 4S and the 5.

AT&T said they can't do anything, since the alert was pushed through Apple, and I would need to talk to Apple if I had further questions.

Does anybody know if/when we will get these alerts on the 4? Or this an excuse for the companies (and Apple) to try to make us upgrade our phones to the 4S and 5?

I really want these on my phone! Smiley Sad
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Re: Government Alerts on ATT iphones?

FWIW I was told the same thing that it was through Apple

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Re: Government Alerts on ATT iphones?

I know people who have Verizon in my area and they can receive Amber alerts. I have an IPhone 4
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Re: Government Alerts on ATT iphones?

Any updates on this issue?  I'm also not getting the Government Alerts option under my Iphone settings.

Running version 6.1.3 and still no resolution.

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Re: Government Alerts on ATT iphones?

What kind of phone are you using?

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