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First Time Iphone 4S User

First Time Iphone 4S User

This tuesday coming up I will be a first time IPhone 4S user. I order the iphone 4s in white 16 Gb. I will like to know what apps are a must have and how much songs can I hold on it? Also what are the best accessories to have? My last phone was a Blackberry. I also want to know what to expect when I start using my phone?
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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

Welcome! Try doing a search on this forum and you can get most of the answers.
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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

Use google and check out some of the Apple sites.  It all depends what you want to do!  What works for me and others may not be what you want to do.  There is no one right way to use your iPHone.


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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

You can go to the app store and check out the top 25 apps to see what most people are buying. There are so many apps and people use their phones differently, so it's hard to say everyone must have this or that app.
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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

Hmm your only going to expect that usage for yourself when you use it
For everyone there phones are different

My 4S is the same one as urs arriving this week
And I use it for all the purposes what it's intended for

Phone iPod gaming surfing the net etc Smiley Happy

It really is a handy device and it's also
Very elegant looking in my opinion Smiley Happy
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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

Thank-you for all for your input and I did do some research and I believe I made the right choice to buy the Iphone 4S Smiley Happy
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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

Finally got mine yesterday Smiley Happy
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Re: First Time Iphone 4S User

Thats great if you both need any other help with it let me or anyone know

ive had mine since Dec 14th and I feel I wouldn't part with it for nothing else on the market

its a really stable device and thus a entertaining one at that lol Cat Happy

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