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Feel violate Iphone upgrade


Feel violate Iphone upgrade

So July 2008 bought some Iphone 3g's, because I had ATT account paid several hundred dollars more than the person with me, who was switching. Today went for upgrading to Iphone 4, now ATT pricing structure says $399 instead of $199. I feel totally violated by ATT for being a loyal customer, not just once bu a second time. once, shame on them, twice - would have been shame on me, but I am not going to be held hostage to their abuse without seriously thinking about it. What a shame.

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Re: Feel violate Iphone upgrade

SURF0020, there's a Quote button above right, next to Spell Check.  That allows you to quote the person to whom you're responding.  See below for what that looks like.


Second, AT&T customer service reps do NOT work in this forum.  Any AT&T employees who are here (and they are identified by their signatures) are here on their own time not representing AT&T.  Nobody can help you in any official capacity here, so if you expect satisfaction from AT&T as a result of this post then you are bound to be disappointed.


Finally, you might want to familiarize yourself with the guidelines of this forum.  You can find the link in the upper right hand corner. Facci was simply pointing out that your post was kind of confusingly written.  We're trying to understand your problem so we can help.





SURF0020 wrote:

To Facci,


See post 12-06-2010 09:42:06 AM - {Please keep it relevant and courteous}




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Re: Feel violate Phone upgrade

To all,


I did call Customer Service, and as usual, they were quite helpful in resolving my query. One thing that I did learn out of the experience that I will share as the outcome to my former dilemma.


My problem was that I had twenty months showing up on my contract prior to an upgrade being available, an early upgrade was available. The result would be that I would have to pay $399 versus $199 each Iphone 3g to Iphone 4 upgrade.


From the store's standpoint, they are following the guidelines they see in front of them on the system.


With respect to Customer Service help desk, they have available to them the chronological history of calls and results of those calls, thus in talking with the operators, there was agreement from her, and her manager, that through the sequence of conversations this past July and August it was apparent that we had the Iphone 3g since 07/12/2008. even though, we had to set up a new account, there was overlap of the accounts between the old cancelled account and the new account. This enabled me to at the time not be liable for a cancellation fee.


More importantly though, is that having the record of conversations with customer service in the database, even though they could not change the contract date in a short time period (this would be at a store level) they were able to make a new entry that there was agreement the store could make the change to allow for an upgrade as the phones and service had been in place for over twenty-four months.


This allowed me to go to the store and request them to make the change in the database. I do have the Iphone 4's now, and a contract for another 24-months.


Lesson, with questions to your account, eventhough Customer Service may not be able to make the changes required, their and your collaberation on your account questions and answers can be critical to favorably outcomes. It works to be aware of what is available through the website, and talking through conversations is critical to communication. For this I am grateful for taking on the learning and training I put myself through Landmark Education > Communication: Access to Power.


Thank you all for responding, what you are up to in creating a community that works.




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Re: Feel violate Phone upgrade

After reading this, I thought I'd contact ATT. I went from a basic rep, to an international rep. to someone else.  In the end, they could not add an icon to my phone. Or do anything.. But, they said I would be notifified if I was using too much off network.. Is this true or should I be getting back on the phone?

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