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FedEx lost iPhone 8 in Memphis Hub


FedEx lost iPhone 8 in Memphis Hub

So I was supposed to receive my wife’s iPhone 8 on Monday 9/25/17. I ordered it Friday 9/22/17 along with my iPhone 8 Plus. Hers shipped that night and mine on the following day, both overnight delivery on 9/25/17 by 8pm guaranteed. Mine arrived but hers didn’t and upon tracking hers it stated in Memphis since 9/22/17. So I’ve called both AT&T and FedEx for a total of almost 10 hours call time total and both have been nothing but me repeating myself 10 times as I’m transferred continuously to the person that can help me or transferred to call ended. I contacted AT&T and obtained IMEI # for FedEx and they started a claim and a trace on the package which has now brought me to where I am now, frustrated and without any answer. AT&T says to deal with FedEx it’s their problem and all FedEx says is we are investigating it and will let you know when or if they “find” it. Either place won’t help or tell me how to get a solution and now I’m without a phone that I’m paying for.
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