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Email Scrolling issue


Email Scrolling issue

For about a month or so, when I write an email on my phone, the text scrolls left to right and then off the screen, whereas, it used to line return and wrap so until you filled the screen, you could see everything that you typed. I have done a reset (home/power button) and it seems to work fine for a while and then it goes back to scrolling off the screen.


Any idead?

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Re: Email Scrolling issue

Are you typing a new message or replying to an existing one?  I ask, because my iPhone will do the scrolling thing if I am replying to a message based on the width of the message I am replying to.  If I am writing a new message, then it tends to autowrap based on my screen size, not the line length of themessage to which I am replying.

Jerry B.


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Re: Email Scrolling issue

Same's only when I'm replying and it depends on (the width of) the message because not all emails I reply to scroll horizontally.

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Re: Email Scrolling issue

If you are composing a new message, the email would be written in the iPhone's native usage for text format and HTML utilizing the text wrap. If you are replying to an email and the original poster has used a custom HTML page, the email being replied to won't adhere to your format and the text wrap will fail.


For example, I've opened my Netflix email for a DVD I've received and decided to reply to the message for test purposes. Netflix uses their original HTML table formatting instead of an iPhone native format. I started typing in a question and the words did not wrap around but instead continued straight forward.


You can also try this on an Apple email as well for their advertisements and this will be the same as would many other companies and the text wrap will fail.

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Re: Email Scrolling issue

The first time it happened to me I remember hitting Return to force a line break.  But by the second time, I definitely figured that it must have to do with the source HTML email, so I just kept typing and though it scrolled horizontally for a bit, eventually it did do a text wrap.

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