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Device unlock


Device unlock


I tried to unlock my iPhone. It turned up that I put a wrong email by missing a letter on it. I waited 24h do to a new request. But it still showing me that I have to wait 24h. I don’t know what to do to reset the unlocking process. It says that it’s pending since I didn’t approve it from the email.


thank you

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‎08-21-2018 12:39 PM

Re: Device unlock

Hello @Davidb1d,


We can definitely assist you with the unlock process. If you have not selected the link in the email within 24 hours of receipt to confirm the unlock request, the request will be canceled. You will be able to submit another unlock request on our Device Unlock Portal as soon as the link in your confirmation email expires. Please try to submit another wireless unlock request and let us know if you're still having issues.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Device unlock

Why does a "request" need to be submitted in the first place? Verizon does it AS SOON as a device is paid off. I'm SURE AT&T has the tech to do that, but nooooooo, let's IRRITATE people...

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Re: Device unlock

I paid off my contract, submitted my unlock request and they sent a code that never worked...  I ended up just buying a new phone with my new carrier because it was such a headache trying to get ATT to send a valid unlock code.   It's about a year later and I'm having issues with the new phone and figured I could switch back to that old ATT device until I decide on a new one... I submit a new request and wait the 48 hours, nothing.  Contacted customer service by phone was placed on hold forever and then just hungup on.  Contacted via chat, had to repeatedly give the IMEI and unlock request number, and was finally told the 48-hour process is now at least a week because of heavy volume and their recommendation was to "wait patiently for the email". 


So... apparently because so many people are trying to get away from ATT, they are dragging out the process for everyone, even those of us who already left! AND you only find this out if you repeatedly contact them. Great service, well done!

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Re: Device unlock



I submitted an unlock request for an iPhone IMEI number locked to AT&T. I was unaware that the email may end up in Spam so I waited and waited but didn't receive the email confirmation on Inbox. I tried to resubmit new request again but the system said that there is another request being processed. Finally (and lately) I entered into my Spam folder and found the confirmation email and clicked on the link to confirm the request but AT&T system said that the link is only valid for 24 hours but you may submit a new request. So I am going to submit a new request, but now the system has locked that IMEI and says that the IMEI is still pending with a request - but it is not pending in fact cause 24 hours have passed and even 48 hours almost passed till now. The original request number was: Request number: NUL325239303739 and now when I want to submit a new request I have the error code like :
Looks like we're already processing a request for this IMEI. Check your request status for more info.

Can you help me please by invalidating that old request now after 24 hours have passed?



Current status - Pending
  • It looks like you haven't confirmed so we hit pause on your unlock request. Use the link in the email we sent you and we'll get back to business.

    Can't find the email? Check your spam folder or submit a new request




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Re: Device unlock

I talked on chat with a support representative and they promised that they will fix the isssue . I am waiting for results.

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