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Custom ringtone problems with IPhone 4s


Custom ringtone problems with IPhone 4s

I have several contacts that I have custom ringtones for. But when they call, the ringtone I have set for them doesn't play. The main ringtone of my phone plays.So, how do I get my phone to play the custom ringtone I have assigned to several of my contacts?
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Re: Custom ringtone problems with IPhone 4s

jane697 wrote:

oz_1 wrote:

Most of the problems I see with ringtones is when you right click the song and Get Info the extension is m4a instead of m4r and not sure on the PC side but on the Mac side the ringtone needs to be converted to AAC then change the extension from m4a to m4r.

Correct--it is true/required on the PC/Windows side as well...ringtone file needs to be renamed with a m4r file extension (e.g., rename ringtone.m4a to ringtone.m4r) in order for both iTunes and iPhone to recognize it as a (iPhone) ringtone rather than just a regular audio file.


Note--I'm going off of memory here (I don't have iTunes installed here at work--LOL), but even though you can use iTunes to create ringtones, the ringtone files themselves need to be added to the "Ringtones" section (I think that's what it's called--please correct me if I'm wrong) in iTunes in order for you to then be able to add them to your iPhone.

In 11.1.5 if you do the conversion and change the extention when you import ,it will automatically go to Ringtones because of the change from m4a to m4r.

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