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Changing data plans after purchase


Changing data plans after purchase

I have never owned a smartphone before, and am starting out with the 2GB data plan. If I decide that is not enough, or is too much, will I be able to change the plan as I wish, or will I need to stick with it for the full 2 years of the contract?

Also, what about texting — can I add or remove texting from the plan as I desire, or am I stuck with my decision for the full period of the contract?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Changing data plans after purchase

You're required to have a data plan but you can switch between the different data plans every month if you so wish.


The text message, there are only two options - pay per use or unlimited (either per line or for the whole family). Unfortunately, AT&T has gotten rid of tiered messaging packages. You can switch any time you want.

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Re: Changing data plans after purchase


That's what I assumed, but when I asked the customer support people at Premier support they told me that they were unable to answer the question as it is not something they are qualified to tell me...

Yeah, I'm not too impressed with Premier support after this whole iPhone debacle.

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Re: Changing data plans after purchase

will they add another 2 years to my contract?...t-mobile did that to me & now im with at&t. well not yet..

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