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Re: Cant activate iPhone 5?


Cant activate iPhone 5?

Does anyone knows what is going on?


I am current AT&T customer, I did purchase AT&T iPhone 5 from craiglist, phone is brand new and it was not even open. Now I did try to activate phone and its asking me for last 4 ssn and zipcode from the person it was purchased from? Now i dont know his information, and I did call the store and I was told they cant help me out unless that person first activates phone.


Is this true? I cant get new SIM card for iPhone 5 and activate it under my name? 

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Re: Cant activate iPhone 5?

AM i screwed for WiFi connections with this iPhone 5sb? GVB

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Re: Cant activate iPhone 5?

Exactly why you don't buy phones off craigslist, eBay, etc if you're not prepared to absorb the cost.
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