Can't send or receive messages


Can't send or receive messages

This morning when I looked at my phone, I noticed the AT&T icon was missing from the top left corner but I could still make calls so I didn't think anything was wrong. It wasn't until I went to send a message and couldn't. I also can't receive anything. I can't understand why because I'm on a family plan with shared messaging and their phones aren't effected.


Is this something I can fix myself?

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Re: Can't send or receive messages

try a hard reset, hold the power button and the button for 10 seconds the Iphone will power off. turn it back on this should fix the problem.if not try to reset network settings.

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Re: Can't send or receive messages

Thank you! that resolved it

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Re: Can't send or receive messages

I did this and it seems to have solved it:

Go to Settings
Go to Phone
go to the top 'My Number' box -- [mine was just a row of 0s]
type in your mobile/cell number [area code not needed in my case]
retry texts.
That worked for me

I noticed yesterday when I backed up from my mac that the phone number was blank on there too, so it may be the phone number needs typing in within the iTunes setup next time



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