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Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.


Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.


I recently bought a new SIM card (AT&T), but I can't use the card because it's not activated and I can't active it because they changed my previous passcode that they sent the new one via sms. But I can't read my SMS because my Iphone is locked and Itunes don't want to active my Iphone (Probably because my AT&T SIM card is not activated).

Please does someone can help me?




PS: I tried many time to active via this page, but it didn't work.


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Re: Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.

Call ATT and have them activate the SIM by giving them the number off your SIM card so they can activate it on your account.  You can also have it done by going to an ATT store.


Also your not very clear on your passcode.  The passcode is the number/password you set to lock your phone.  Its not something ATT knows or can send you.  Do you mean the PUK code?  If so the PUK code would have been for the old SIM and would have nothing to do with the new SIM card you purchased and you should not require a PUK code for the new SIM unless you lock the new SIM card.

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Re: Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.

When I bought the SIM card (from eBay) the guy has activated the card, but when I enter the passcode I did a error, so AT&T sent me I new code, but I can't have access to the SMS. Anyway I will call, I hope it cost nothing because I live in Canada.


PS: Sorry for my bad English, because I speak French.



Thank you!Smiley Wink

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Re: Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.

The person who you purchased the SIM card from on eBay should not be able to activate it.  Only ATT or retailers/resellers that have access to the ATT account system can do that as it has to be tied to your ATT account/phone number which he should not have access to (I sure hope someone on "eBay" doesn't have access to your ATT account). 

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Re: Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.

He sold me an active SIM card and he gave me all info; Phone Number and Passcode to connect to the account, but the problem is that passcode has changed when I typed the bad password, and att send each a new password each time when I try to connect with the bad password, so I think, like you said, that my last was to be able to have access to my account is by calling. I hope they speak French Smiley Happy

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Re: Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.

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Re: Can't active my SIM card for my Iphone.

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