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Blocking - Blocked Callers

Blocking - Blocked Callers

Is it possible to BLOCK, 'Blocked' numbers? If so how does one go about this business?


AT&T - iPhone 3GS

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

istouklov wrote:

Let's all together walk to Verizon then!

Ummmm... I'm not going to Verizon!
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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Several things
• Smart Limits can not block unknown numbers. So that won't help you anyway.
• Most phones have native call blocking, sadly iPhone doesn't.
• There are apps out there that do. Some are free some are not. Some are good, some are not. Buyer beware.
• One app is Mr Number. Read carefully before using.
• A more robust solution that includes such niceties as blocked number unmasking is trap call. It's a pay service.
• If you know the inbound number you can add it as a contact and then give it a custom ring tone. There are silent ringtones. Hopefully the application here is obvious.

Good Luck!
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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Good morning I have. 3G phone and I need to know how to block a number from calling me

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

I need help to block a numberGordon calling me

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Bettybo19011405 wrote:

Good morning I have. 3G phone and I need to know how to block a number from calling me

See the post right above you about smart limits a monthly service that ATT sells.  I don't use it and it has some limitiations but it may meet your needs.  There are really no other ways to block a number.


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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Though this thread is quite old it still gets a lot of views. Please visit Block incoming calls/messages for all information on the subject. 

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

That's not right. AT&T Smart Limits CANNOT be used to block UNKNOWN callers, according to the AT&T Support Site.

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