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Blocking - Blocked Callers

Blocking - Blocked Callers

Is it possible to BLOCK, 'Blocked' numbers? If so how does one go about this business?


AT&T - iPhone 3GS

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Hello everyone, let's remember to stay on topic and always keep it nice. Thank you.

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

As a retired Ma Bell/at&t employee I will never switch due to my great discounts, but I do have to say that Verizon does have call blocking on an their iPhone service and I think it's time for at&t wireless to offer this service at no charge as other providors are doing....need to stay up with the competition and keep my dividend checks coming in!


Youmail is the only service that I have found to help with the telemarketer cell phone issues that the Do Not Call list is letting through.


What every you do, don't apply or investigate loans/mortgages online or you will be bombarded! 

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ACE - Guru

Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

If  I'm not mistaken, Verizon only allows call blocking for 5 phone numbers, and they  expire 90 days. But at&t  wireless should offer this service also.

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Why don't you "Moderators" give us solutions, and stop this being our parent telling us to be "nice". This is an AT&T problem / issue and another way for them to make more money. Verizon, which I have through work, does allow you to block numbers from calling you, FOR FREE. Yes, there is a limit on how many you can block before having to pay, but at least they offer it. I have talked with developers at AT&T and others, and the technology IS there. So why don't you "Moderators" become more educated and assist instead of playing big brother and making sure we are being "Sweet" in our posts. Why are you "Moderators" not assisting the AT&T wireless community in passing along our concerns and issues? This is frustrating and AT&T customer service does Suck, oh sorry, stink. They are rude, non-informed, do not care if they lose a customer or if they even answer your question. So once again I will ask; How can you block a number from calling you on AT&T wireless service? Why should we have to be annoyed by all of these rude, persistent, and inconsiderate callers? For the amount we all pay for AT&T services, when reception is getting worse instead of better as promised, at least AT&T could do is allow us to block unwanted calls.
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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

I think it's ridiculous that anyone can block their caller id information in the first place. Name one good reason for blocking your caller id information, I for one can't think of a single one.

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Phone spam. I hate the fact that anyone (business, etc.) you call automatically gets your phone number. And we wonder why we get so many unsolicited, irritating phone calls and have to rely on do not call lists.
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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Not Quite Right wrote:

I think it's ridiculous that anyone can block their caller id information in the first place. Name one good reason for blocking your caller id information, I for one can't think of a single one.

The irony of this is that I know of at least a few people who elected to add the feature (on their land line account) where calls made to their number from lines whose caller ID is blocked will not go through unless the caller first unblocks it...yet subscribe to Caller ID block so that their own number does not get displayed on the receiving end.

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

AT&T is terrible, trying to make $$ on the bloicking number feature, which is offered for free anywhere else in the world.

As soon as my IPhone contract expires i switch to Verizon!!!

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Let's all together walk to Verizon then!

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Re: Blocking - Blocked Callers

Dear Caretaker


I certainly can respect your professonal stance on this and I agree with it.


However, AT&T really should take a look at offering this feature as a standard part of one's wireless service.  


It is extremely silly that advanced CSS features that were common with landline's from the 70's to the 90's didn't make it to the wireless world. You were quick to bring 3Way, Call Waiting and Caller ID to wireless, but never brought features like Distinctive Ring, Call Rejection, Last Call Rejection, and caller ID blocking.  These were "premium features" that commanded a great revenue stream for local Baby Bells; and since most Americans (and the rest of the world) have dropped landline service in favor of Wireless--it just seems like these features really should be offered so that we're not forced to jailbreak to get a feature that is technologically old.



To the original poster; you can use Google Voice to get many of these features (including blocking callers based on their number) at no charge.  It doesnt require jailbreaking but it does require using a new phone number.  (You dont' have to change your phone number with AT&T to do this, but you would have to change the number that others have for you).  Calls placed to your Google Voice number would be forwarded to your real phone number based on whether or not you allow this.  



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