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AppleCare Extended Warranty


AppleCare Extended Warranty

I have a new iPhone 3GS, and was wondering if the AppleCare Warranty extension was a worthwhile option? I paid $49 for the phone and somehow paying $69 for the extension seems crazy (yes, I know the phone has a list price of $499.)


Is this a smart purchase for an iPhone (this is my first, well really my second, but I only had the first one, a hand me down from my son for 3 mos?)


Thanks for your advice.

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Re: AppleCare Extended Warranty

I'm glad to hear they are taking care of iPhone customers.


@PlanetEd, since the MBP will be OT, I'll PM. Smiley Happy

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Re: AppleCare Extended Warranty

You know...  My cousin was out of warranty and at times they replace his accessories without even bothering to see if his iphone is under warranty or not.  I guess it all depends who you get, and where you go.


I had my ibook G4 break on me once, and I took it in 4 days past warranty and they replaced it without even asking.  I was surprised that he didn't bother to look.  I always thought maybe since they switched over to intel chips they were just getting rid of old stock or something.

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Re: AppleCare Extended Warranty

I think you might be right about that!  Smiley Wink  Will be trying another store.

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Re: AppleCare Extended Warranty

I have a i phone 3 as well it works great but will need updates

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