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Alarms are 1 hour ahead


Alarms are 1 hour ahead

I'm having a problem with alarms on my iPhone 3GS. I have a number of alarms set to notify me of events I have to perform at predefined times during my work day. Prior to Day Light Savings time they worked flawlessly. Since DST, they have been sounding an hour early. Example, this morning my 9:00am alarm went off at 8:00am and so forth. The clock on my phone is displaying the correct time. Things I've tried:

Going into Settings/Date and Time and setting the time manually.

Setting the time zone manually to Pacific Standard Time.

Deleting all the alarms and re-entering them.

Shutting the phone completely off and back on again.

Is there sometime I'm missing here? I should have thought the phone would grab the current time off the network automatically and things would just go on as normal.

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Never mind

I just noticed there is already a thread that seems to apply to my problem. Let me look through that to see if a solution is there

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Re: Never mind

Good luck. Smiley Happy

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Re: Never mind

Ok I just wanted to report back that I upgraded my software to version 4.3 and all is working correctly now.

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Re: Alarms are 1 hour ahead

Great. Glad that you got it solved.

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