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AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty


AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

I purchased a refurbished iPad as a 21st birthday gift for my daughter from AT&T Premier Online, on 6/30/2014. I received the iPad on 7/3/2014. I gave the iPad to my daughter on 7/13/2014, her birthday, so this is the date the device was first removed from its box and activated.


During device set-up on 7/13/2014, the iPad would not connect to either of the two wireless routers we have in our house. My schedule didn't allow me to address this problem with either Apple or AT&T until 7/16/2014. The evening of 7/16/2014, I contacted Apple for help and Apple connected me with AT&T. And thus began FOUR DAYS of alternating contacts with the two companies, both eventually recognizing that the device's WiFi is broken, but both companies saying it's the other company's responsibility to resolve it. In four days, I've had a total of nine phone calls with AT&T and Apple, plus e-mails with an AT&T rep, plus a visit to my local AT&T store.


Yesterday, I finally spoke to an AT&T rep who thoroughly researched my situation and admitted that it's AT&T's responsibility to replace the iPad under warranty. However, after additional research, she also claimed that AT&T's "...system doesn't allow..." for a replacement of the device! So instead, I have been offered one of two solutions:


1) AT&T will allow me to keep the broken iPad, and send me a new iPad mini free of charge. I declined this offer. I ordered the iPad specifically at my daughter's request, to meet her needs as a college music major. The iPad mini is too small to satisfy her needs. Also, I have no desire to add yet another device to the cost of our monthly service plan.


2) AT&T suggested that I take the iPad to an Apple store for repair. I would pay for the repair, but AT&T would reimburse me for Apple's charges. I declined this offer. My nearest Apple store is 2-1/2 hours away, meaning I'd have to burn a full day of vacation from my job and incur travel expenses in an attempt to fix the device. Plus, AT&T didn't specify what would happen if the device isn't repairable.


I told that last AT&T rep that the only remedy that will satisfy me is for AT&T to uphold their warranty and replace the iPad. Nothing less. Throughout these last four days, I've attempted to remain courteous and civil despite my growing and considerable frustration, but that has gotten me nowhere. So I've now threatened to leave AT&T (we've been loyal customers for about 20 years and would prefer to remain so), file a complaint with the FCC, and broadcast this situation on social media. And yes, I'm completely willing to act on these items if AT&T refuses to satisfy the warranty.


This is where my final conversation with AT&T ended, with no resolution and with the rep fully documenting the offers and my refusals (and probaby my threats, too) in my file.


HELP! Can anyone offer me advice on how I should proceed with this?

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ACE - Expert

Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

You mention the device is covered by a warranty with AT&T. You should have papers on what is covered and how. What does it say? Is it an AT&T warranty or Apple?
Was it refurbished by AT&T or Apple? Do you have any Apple coverage provided? (I am guessing not, as Apple tends to honor such warranties rather than let their name be damaged). If AT&T refurbished the iPad, it would void any warranty from Apple.

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Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

AT&T-refurbished, AT&T warranty. As mentioned in my original post, AT&T has accepted responsibility as of yesterday. They simply are unwilling to provide a viable solution, at this point.

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Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

Curious, have you confirmed that the iPad will not connect to any WiFi network?  If none work, have you done a full restore to rule out a software issue?  Worse case, you should check with Apple on warranty options if you're outside the remorse period and don't want to consider the options offered.

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ACE - Master

Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

You may be out of luck.


Most warranties state they will replace a device witht the same or similar model.  It is quite possible that the model you had originally purchased is now a discontinued model and they do not have any replacements of the exact same model they can send you.  If that is the case, then they are fully within their obligations to send you a replacement newer device with the same capacity and capabilities.  Since you said they offered you an iPad Mini and you refused it, you may have refused to accept warranty coverage from AT&T leaving you with only the choice to work with Apple.  Now, All new Apple devices come with a 1 year warranty that is handled through Apple, and most refurbished devices come with a 90 day warranty.


You do not always have to go to an Apple store to work through warranty issues with Apple. You can call teh AppleCare toll free number and they can work with you.  In that case, you would ship the deivce to them and they will check it out and send you a replacement if it is determined to be defective.  When you use this service, they will contact you before performing any repairs that would incur costs to you.


Rather than goign to an Apple Store and working with a Genius Bar employee, you would first do all the steps with a representative over the phone.  Additionally, goign to an Apple Store would generally result in you walking out with a replacement device in hand, but using the telephone support, they would require you to ship the old device back to them and they would research it before sending you the replacement.  Lastly, you do not have to be the one to go to the Apple Store to work with support.  Your daughter or your wife or just about anyone else can take the device into an Apple Store for service.  They would probably need to know some of your information if the device is already registered to you, but the Apple Warranty is for the device, not the person who purchased it.

Jerry B.


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Community Manager

Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty


Hello @cbm0423 


I'm very sorry for the warranty issues you're experiencing. Our team will be happy to help and review your options to make sure you get a replacement as soon as possible! Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

I reached a very acceptable solution with AT&T this afternoon. AT&T is replacing the defective iPad under warranty.

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Re: AT&T refuses to honor iPad warranty

Glad to hear they could help. Thanks for the update!
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