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Ok I need to ask a very important question, my girlfriend and I text all the time and recently if I send her a text sometimes on her phone it comes up as jumbled characters
Like boxes for spaces (I assuming)
But everything else is all jumbled up
I have an iPhone 4 (recently jail broken but not the problem because I sent the same text to my other text+ number) (and I have tried resenting those same texts to her and it happens again)
I have AT&T
She has some small Samsung thing
And she has Verizon
So please tell me what's up with this!!!!!
She's not pulling my leg I have a picture of her phone being like that!
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Re: AT&T or Verizon Help

I'm unfamiliar with troubleshooting jailbroken iphones.


Here's my best try at figuring it out.

A) trying borrowing another phone, put your sim inside and retry.

If it works, great, it is your phone, if not it's the network.

B) wipe your phone.



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Re: AT&T or Verizon Help

It could either be text+ or her phone. Depending on what type of codec they are using. For example any older android phone did not support Emojii unless a third party app was installed (this has now changed with newer devices)

Text+ should use the standard ASCII but i couldnt tell you. Maybe you should try whatsapp or something temporarily. 

BTW, The jailbreak should have nothing to do with it unless you downloaded something to manipulate your typing structure.

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Re: AT

I used text+ to see if it would show up as symbols on there so I sent it to my self to see if it would work, but thank you for confirming that the jailbreak isn't the problem, but if you get this picture this is what shows up on her phone if I send her a message bubble longer then 160 characters do you know what this would be
Her phone is a samsung brightside on Verizon
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I dont see any picture but it could be because im on the...

I dont see any picture but it could be because im on the mobile website.
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Usually after 160 characters most things treat the messag...

Usually after 160 characters most things treat the message as a Multimedia Message aka MMS especially on android. However sometimes the message is split. So many factors involved its difficult to tell.
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