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3/4G Network issues


3/4G Network issues

Well apparently there are too many of us with iPhones on the east coast here. After trying to figure out why anything in Safari wouldn't load but all other data/email would go through and calling turns out that its AT&T's network issue. Anyone else having problems loading web pages on their iphone? Or am I just the 'lucky' one?

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Re: 3/4G Network issues

It appears all wireless data is down (I'm on iPhone 5 - LTE). I think it's a dns or network configuration problem, not over saturation. I keep getting a gateway problem. Of course most people who are experiencing this can't post Smiley Wink since they can't connect.

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Re: 3/4G Network issues

lol very true. At this point with the hassle of just getting the phone this really doesn't surprise me. I'm not sure that's a good thing either. That would explain the gateway message however.
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