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2019 iPhone 11 Ordering Thread


2019 iPhone 11 Ordering Thread

It's that time of year again!!!


It's widely believed that 'Pro' successors to the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR are in the cards.

Let's get this thread started so we can keep track of ordering issues, etc.


If Apple follows past iPhone schedules, pre-orders for the new iPhones could begin on Friday, September 13, and a launch could follow on Friday, September 20.




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Re: My iPhone 11 pro max hasn’t shipped yet

I ordered on September 23rd. I kept following up with them every week. They kept telling me that everything is okay and the order will be shipped soon. Today I called and they are saying they cancelled the order.  I am very unhappy with At&t how they are handling customers. If I don't get this resolved in the next week or so, I am going to switch to another carrier. 

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Re: My iPhone 11 pro max hasn’t shipped yet

What's the hold up with the mint green 64gb 11? My husband placed the order on the 15th for that and the 64gb midnight green 11 Pro. He got his Pro the next day then realized he needed the 256gb since his 7 was 128gb. He had time to let the weekend go by then call AT&T to order the 256 and he still got it before the 11 even shipped. Estimated shipping date is 22-29th. How firm is that? It's for our son's birthday on the 1st. Thought we'd have it by now!

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Re: My iPhone 11 pro max hasn’t shipped yet

So today is the 29th (Tuesday) and now the estimated shipping date is gone from the order when I check the status. I called and was transferred to the department that handles the stock and was told that last Thursday they got an email that they were qty 1204 "in the hole" for the green 11. Then today it was only around qty 300, so I'm hopeful 🙄

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Re: 2019 iPhone 11 Ordering Thread

Hi, I lost my iphone while in transit. I have ordered it through ATT customer representative. I was not sent any replacement device nor issued a refund.It's been almost 4 weeks. is there any number that I could call to get hold of accounts payable to see the status on my refund. I made several calls and been to store to couple of times.

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