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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"


2019 iPhone 11 Ordering Thread

It's that time of year again!!!


It's widely believed that 'Pro' successors to the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR are in the cards.

Let's get this thread started so we can keep track of ordering issues, etc.


If Apple follows past iPhone schedules, pre-orders for the new iPhones could begin on Friday, September 13, and a launch could follow on Friday, September 20.




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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

Customer service bounced me around to 2 different people telling me they aren’t allowed to access the order since it wasn’t placed in the same system that they use there? Was told at the end that I’d have to go to the store to seek further options and be able to access the order status and get an update. So basically I preordered and paid taxes and charges on the phones early, so I could go wait in line at the store to be told that they’ll be on backorder. 

The last part hasn’t happened yet, but I’m just guessing the way this is going.

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

Good luck I talked to somebody yesterday "It'll be there don't worry preorders can't be put on backorder" I talked to somebody today "it'll be shipped out later" I called somebody again and finally got the truth they didn't get enough in to fulfill pre-orders. And with having a premier account it's such a headache to get anything done everytime i try to order at best buy or somewhere else they can't look anything up. I guess I'll wait.. not real thrilled about this whole situation if they can't fulfill the pre-orders don't offer them.  

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

I believe that because if you check on the AT&T website most of the phones but Gold don't deliver until Sep 30, 2019 to Oct 7, 2019.  Further, none of my local stores received any phones.  So nothing to do but wait and its very bad!

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

Same boat as many of you that my preordered 11 Pro Max Grey 256 GB (AT&T Premier, Order date: 09/13/2019 at 9:06:48 a.m. ET)
was "preparing to ship" with no ETA. Just checked the website and found a tracking number showing it will be delivered on Monday via FEDEX from Indianapolis. Still don't have an update email from them about the status or delivery info. Past years seemed smoother.

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‎09-20-2019 8:34 PM

Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

Flooding in southeast Texas may be affecting delivery of iPhones for some customers. We are working as quickly and safely as conditions allow. To help our customers impacted by the flooding, we are waiving overages in affected areas. Details: https://about.att.com/newsroom/2019/southeast_texas_flooding_overage_charges_waived.html

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

Does the flood affected delivery for other states? I preordered mine the moment it went live, but still says "preparing to ship".


Sorry to hear about the flooding...

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

Preordered Mine last Friday morning as soon as it was available. Still says preparing to ship. I just spoke to customer service; she was less than concerned, and told me all she could see is that it was preparing to ship.  She told me she hadn't heard anything about any delays. Liar. She then told me I could try going out and purchasing one, then just returning the one I ordered whenever it gets here. So... pay for it twice and hope to get refunded later.  Thanks AT&T.

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

And AT&Ts presence on a monumental screw up, is astoundingly absent. I think that’s what really gets me, is time and time again I was patient with everyone I spoke to. I know it’s not their fault, but I just told them all I wanted was to know my options, and to know if any idea of when, if, and how my phone would arrive. Nothing, “your phone will be scanned, shipped, and delivered today”, from early this morning, to “we can’t find your order, we aren’t allowed to view anything and use a different system”, to “you’ll have to go to the closest store in order for them to help you”. So this is the reward of preordering. 

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Re: iPhone 11 Pro "In Progress"

My story, if helps anyone else:


  1. I preordered the phone, 4m 5s of it becoming available.  11 Pro 512.
  2. On the 19th I got a notice saying it was now going to ship Oct 19th (a month away).
  3. I called customer support and they told me that my best option, if I wanted a phone this month, was to go buy one at the Apple store. 
  4. This morning, I went to the Apple store, it turns out you can't stand in line to buy a phone - but they just had me order one on the Apple store (I just bought an unlocked one) and I was given a pickup time later that day. Problem solved!
  5. I pick up the new phone around 4pm. Feeling very happy now. It is for my wife, and we want to text while I am out, so I opt to activate it at home later. 
  6. Now it is 6pm. I've transferred all the data from the broken iPhone 8 to the new iPhone 11. I go to activate on AT&T and here is where it gets crazy. I can't activate this phone because there is ANOTHER Iphone 11 waiting to be activated. Mind you, my order still says back ordered. 
  7. Two hours later on the phone with support, they find a tracking number. It's arriving Monday sometime. Oddly enough, I get an email with that info and my order status page switches to shipped shortly after they found the tracking.
  8. So, I ask the question... since I have this phone RIGHT NOW, can I just set this on my phone line and I'll return the one showing up Monday. Apparently, NO. You can NOT activate a phone on a phone line when a new phone is being shipped to you. Only until it has been returned to AT&T. That's totally nuts. I mean, the actual hardware has nothing to do with my phone number other than the fact that some system you enter that EIN number thing. But it seems AT&T locks those things together. 

So, I've spent hours today trying to get a working phone for my wife, only to have to wait until Monday anyway. Because of the whole AT&T return crazy, I'm probably better off just returning the phone to Apple that I got today and keeping my pre-order one. I'm so frustrated at the AT&T run around I'm sort of thinking that maybe I should keep the unlocked phone if I can and seriously look at switching providers. Just not sure if the others are any better (time to do some research)



The moral here. If you ordered a phone and you have NO idea what the heck is going on, here are my tips. 

  • Ask the customer service if it is possible to cancel the order. Apparently, I've learned, they can't cancel it ones the hardware is in route. So even if no one can track the thing, if they can't cancel it - that means it is on the way in some way.
  • You are probably just better off getting the phone from the Apple store. They are WAY better organized and they had plenty of stock on hand. 
  • If you DO have the option to cancel the order from AT&T and you have a crazy ship date, CANCEL immediately and head to the Apple store or Best Buy and you'll probably get a phone. The Apple store will update the inventory available to pick up in store every day at 6am they said. Best Buy also has a form to pick up in store and shows inventory around town. Again, both actually reliable info unlike AT&T here. 

Hope this helps some others. 

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My iPhone 11 pro max hasn’t shipped yet

I ordered it on 13th. They said it ll be delivered on 20th. But it still hasn’t shipped yet. If I call customer service they are ***** me. If u can’t deliver it by today, you should have said that while ordering. I would have ordered in Apple store. This is poor customer service.


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