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iPhone XS volume control and freezing up


iPhone XS volume control and freezing up

I filed a report with insurance and also talked to an at&t representative over the phone and explained to both what my phone was doing. It will not ring, dropping calls and going to no service and started a couple weeks ago. Both told me since I hadn’t had the phone a year it was covered under apples warranty and would be replaced free of charge. The lady from customer service at AT&T tried contacting apple because it wouldn’t let her go ahead and push the claim through so she had me call. I do believe her name was Maggie. After talking to Apple and doing all the suggestions the lady wanted me to back my phone up to iTunes and scheduled a call back so she could get the issue resolved but she never called me back and I haven’t been able to to get the problem resolved yet. I’ve had insurance on the phone since day one especially with me being a first responder and I can’t even get my pages for my departments or anything due to the phone not ringing at all. I don’t mind paying for a replacement because I have to have a working phone for my job but the lady who went over the insurance claim said I fell under the free replacement category and I’m to the point I just need something to be done about it. I’ve never had a replacement problem in the past with the company I switched from to try the FirstNet program but unless this can be resolved in a timely manner since it’s becoming a huge work issue and all I will have no other choice than to do away with the phone and cancel my plan altogether and go back to my previous carrier and do away with apple altogether. If someone could please help me with this situation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 

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Re: iPhone XS volume control and freezing up

Hello @Heather4599,


Thank you for your recent posting. We appreciate your participation within the Business Community. I'm sorry to read about the issues with your device. I'll be more than happy to take a look at this for you so we can get things back on track. Please send me a private message by clicking here (https://soc.att.com/31se0rr) and be sure to include the following details so I can help:



Business Name:

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Thank you,


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