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I have had my iPhone 4S for over 2 years and am still an AT&T customers, so I tried to get an unlock code for my iPhone. The automated response that I received was "this account has reached the maximum number of unlock requests allowed during a given period." There are 2 iPhones on my account and I have never had them unlocked, so what is this about????

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Re: Unlock

Hi Mobile Nut,


I am so sorry you are experiencing this issue.  I have reached out to my contacts and have provided them your email and mobile number you included when you registered for the Community.  I will keep you updated with any details I get.


Please also feel free to PM me directly if you have any other questions or if there is a better contact method to reach you once they have completed their research.

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Re: Unlock

Pathetic !!! That's all I can say...


I've been trying to get my device unlocked for the first time ever, and each time you guys come back and say it has been requested more than 5 times now. If that's the case, document and show me those past requests.


Pathetic !! I know my way around and will spread the word. Know now to retain customers !! This is definitely not the way.



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Re: Unlock

Yes, I've been with you more than 2 years, still a customer in good standing and NEVER requested an unlock before.
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