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Activating a series 3 apple watch on a business account.


Activating a series 3 apple watch on a business account.

I went through some trouble doing this back in November, of course I didn't have the watch with me it was across the country.   But for Christmas I needed to add 5 apple watches to our business account. It took some time but i figured it out and wanted to share the steps.


First thing I did was go to https://m.att.com/shopmobile/wireless/features/numbersync-wearables.html to setup the numbersync. Just needed to create an account with my phone number and last 4 of IMEI. Go through all of these steps and then next proceed to the next step.


Go to Premier. login, click Shop>Bring a device to AT&T>Get a new Phone Number. From this point you will need the IMEI and EID of the watch. select the plan (Pooled data for wearables on 4g LTE $10/month) enter CC information for some weird reason, there is no charge except to monthly bill.  After you do this cycle the power on the watch, and then go to the watch app on the phone, select cellular and follow the steps.


Easy as that!

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Re: Activating a series 3 apple watch on a business account.

after spending almost 2 hours on the phone with level one support I was passed up to level 2 and we realized the problem is that a AT&T Premier account holder needs to setup the watch and the IMEI on the premier site before you run the setup on the phone. if done in this order the setup application on the iPhone will go through the carrier registration and set up correctly. if the watch is setup on the phone first you will get an error message telling you to contact your carrier and stop the pairing process. if you skip that step the watch will continue to pair with the phone but you will not be able to successfully set up the carrier. A watch reset will need to be done and you can then pair after At&T has the SIM registered.

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Re: Activating a series 3 apple watch on a business account.

Hello @drlebo,


Thank you for your recent posting. We appreciate your participation within the Business Community. We will be happy to look into this for you. In order for me to research your issue, I will need to verify some information. Please send me a private message: https://soc.att.com/2WbmGhN

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Re: Activating a series 3 apple watch on a business account.

A little more detail for adding an Apple Series 3 watch  with cellular to an AT&T Business Premier Account:


1)  Login to your Premier Account

2)  Select 'Shop' from the Menu at the top

3)  On the 'What do you want to do page', select the 'Add a device' button

4)  Find the box labeled 'Bring your own device' and click on it

5)  Under the section titled 'Select the type of device you are bringing',  choose 'Wearables' and in the text box just below it start typing 'Apple Watch'

6)  Click on your exact make and model of watch then click the 'Continue' button

7)  Enter the IDs specified for your watch device (on the bottom of the watch box if you still have it)

8)  Next, select the account information to create the $10/month plan

9)  After creating the plan, got to the Watch App on your iPhone and select 'Cellular' and Select Add a plan.  Select your AT&T plan and you should be done.


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