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z990 memory card problems


z990 memory card problems

I recently bought an avail z990 , it came with a 2 gb mem. card i swapped it out for a 4 gb card.  The phone recognizes the card but will not let me move any apps or any thing to the card.  I've put the old 2 gb card that came with it, unistalled , installed apps again and again and it won't let me move anything to the memory card.  I took to a at&t place but they were'nt any help (i was in a different city and wasn't able to leave my phone them).  I don't know what else to do ?  Please help somebody !!!!!!

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Re: z990 memory card problems

Try reformatting the cards as FAT32 using your PC.  You can also try a factory reset on the phone (backup any personal data first).  Other than that, going to your local AT&T store for a replacement or repair is probably all you can do.  Since you're having problems with 2 SD cards, my hunch is that something is wrong with the phone.

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