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wifi connection on wireless phone


wifi connection on wireless phone

Is it possible to loose my wifi connection on my Galaxy S3 but not on any other device on my ATT UVerse network? I can leave my phone on & charging on a a/c adapter at night, some mornings i won't have a connection, some days i do. I can have my phone on standby not charging & loose my connection. As soon as i select connect i get reconnected. I don't recall this happening anywhere else that i use wifi. Why would my phone loose it's connection on my home network and no other devices are affected?

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Re: wifi connection on wireless phone

Some smartphones like the Galaxy S III have a feature that automatically disables the Wi-Fi connection after the phone is locked or the screen times out. It usually takes effect after about 5 minutes of no consecutive usage. Your Wi-Fi connection may intermittently cut out and have to be re-connected. This happens to me many times per day. It's usually a weak connection, though.

I don't think it's a problem with your home router.

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Re: wifi connection on wireless phone

Check you WiFI settings on the phone, and see if you have the option to leave WiFi on, when the phone is sleeping.

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