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should I buy???


should I buy???

ive got a Samsung galaxy recently and just browsing around ebay to

buy some cases then i found this seller
Should I buy?is it worth?Or does anyone have any other ideas?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: should I buy???

They look like good prices if you have an i9000. If you have a Captivate, you should be looking someplace else.

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Re: should I buy???

CASEMATE makes a very nice case. I dropped my Focus the other day and it bouced literally a foot high.

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Re: should I buy???

You can if you'd like, but those cases don't look very durable to me... I have an OtterBox rubber case on my Captivate. It definitely adds some bulk to the phone, and is sometimes hard to get out of my pocket. But it has a great grip to it and will definitely protect against drops, if I were to have any. Overall, it's a pretty nice case.


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Re: should I buy???

Your idea is very valued,thanks so much.

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Re: should I buy???

Thanks a lot for your idea. I have hought this two cases.Hope they are perfect and bueaty like looks.God bless!

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