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s3 update - uconnect issue


s3 update - uconnect issue

I updated my s3 to the 4.3 software. WHat a mistake. Before I updated when I would get a text message my uconnect would come on and say new text message from who sent the messsage. After I updated now my uconnect says new text message from no number available. I am assuming this is from me updating to the 4.3. When someone calls me it's fine the information shows up its just with the text messages. Anyone know how to fix this?? Plus I can still use my phone to play music but it no longer shows me on the radio the name of the track I am playing. Anyone have any ideas? I will try anything now.THanks!

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Re: s3 update - uconnect issue

Hello @chrissy126 


Are your contact saved to a phone or a SIM card? That might make a difference. I would first try a power cycle by removing and restarting the phone. See if that helps




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