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returning galaxys


returning galaxys

bought 2 galaxy S cells to use as mobile hotspots and neither will stay connected for more than 2 minutes. ATT & their pals Radio Shack are rigged to keep me in a maze of phone prompts and no direct email addresses to avoid meaningful direct contact.
So these "super phones" are being shipped directly back to them. We are sweettalked with false promises to make the sale, then we become binary codes. They don't even include user manuals. They want us to use tons of data to download a manual, and we pay double because they send you it in 2 languages rather than a choice. At least old analog forced a live human to answer our calls! Robots, Kiosks, etc. have put millions of honest people out of work. Our digital world control our most destructive weapons and will destroy our civilization while the geeks stumble to find the "off code". I am not a "doomsday nut". There is no stopping MASSIVE Unemployment and chaos with Chips in control of Humanity. Thanx ATT for taking the "person" out of a "people world". U have turned me.
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Re: returning galaxys

I don't know about Radio Shack (since they are a 3rd party vendor), but phones purchased from an AT&T store can be returned direct to the store for any reason within 30 days.  Or you can try to exchange for a new one, since defects do happen to any manufactured product.  Radio Shack likely has some comparable return policy.


Also keep in mind that WiFi hotspot or tethering (which Hotspot is a form of) can only be used on certain data plans.  So if you aren't paying for the feature, it may be the reason why it didn't work properly.


The owners manual is only 5 Mb, which if you are on the lowest tier data plan is about 1% of your montly allowance.  Hardly "tons of data", and the manual is deployed in the highly compressed PDF format which essentially makes for the smallest download size possible.  And of course, if you have access to any sort of home internet connection, or public WiFi (available in many locations) downloading the manual will not use any of your data plan or cost you anything additional.  Electronic manuals may not be everyone's favorite.  But paper manuals are much more wasteful in terms of the materials, energy, and carbon footprint used to print and transport them, as well as the dispose of them after their useful life.  Paperless formats are simply better for society and the earth, not worse.


Its not for me to judge if you are a "doomsday nut" or not.  But rambling on about unemployment and controlling humanity certainly don't strongly support any argument for your mental health.  These statements simply add nothing constructive to your complaints, remove you from any sort of intelligent discourse, and won't serve any purpose except for you to vent some misplaced fears about modern society.

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